Nevus storyline *the new one*

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Nevus storyline *the new one*

Post  Guest on Sat Feb 27, 2010 6:20 am

This is the new storyline, ignore the one on TW..

It all started in 847. After serving the Rhodoks for years, Lord Singil was decleared exile for "stealing" from the kings court, he and his family traveled to a small village in the mountains near the Rhodok territory, they were struggling to live, they barely had food,water and shelter, one day a rich townsman came to the village, he had a caravan filled with food and supplies, he walks up to Singil, and offers him food and drinks. His family was very happy that day, as they got shelter,food and drinks.

12 years later.

Singil and his family were rich, Singil's best friend, the rich townsman Robin has passed away, his belongings turned to the Nevus family, they were very happy, they visited his grave every month and thanked him for everything. Singil trained his two sons how to fight, he decided to build a village as a start of his new kingdom, Vernuk..
As the months passed, some fleeing refugees headed towards the village, and settled there, they made him money, his family was very wealthy, he had some equipment in his village, he started making a small army..

20 Years later..

Singil has passed away, along with his wife. His son Albert Nevus was travelling with two guards as he finds an abandoned castle, he claims it his, he moves alot of people from the village to the castle, he keeps the rations fair and also the taxes so people don't leave the castle nor the village.. More and more people start coming to the castle, it populates very fast, he highers the taxes abit, but the people stay as he also highers the rations..

1257 (Or WE year it is In game Very Happy Very Happy )
King Alrick Nevus returns to the rhodok lands to search for a new home...

One of the kings scouts was travelling through a forest as he saw a big citadel, he decides to tell the king immediatly, after he travels back through the forest he finally arrives at the village. The king looks at his scout "Ahh there you are, what news do you bring?" the scout smiles as he says "I was travelling through a big forest as I suddenly found a big citadel, I think we.. Ermm I mean, you should claim it as yours if no one has claimed it.", the king nods "Alright, but we have been looking for a castle or citadel for many many days, or even weeks, I don't care if someone has claimed it, I need it more than everyone" the scout looks at the king "That sounds a bit greedy don't you think sire?" the king raises his voice "Greedy?! We are in desperate need of a castle or a citadel" The scout rides off without saying a word. The king prepares to go claim the citadel

Nevus goals:

Claim the citadel the scout found..
Get alliances with other families
Create a bigger army.
Get more servants and slaves


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